We'll be following a double out-and-back course, approximately 5 miles north on the Lakefront Path (from Lincoln Park Zoo to Foster) & 5 miles back and repeat for a total of 20 miles. You'll benefit from great team spirit the entire way, as well as increased support from your coaches, pacers and staff.  



We will have multiple coaches and course marshals along the route, as well as yellow CES logo signage (see image at right), to guide you.  Please make sure you preview the course below, to become familiar with it in advance.  Click on "View Full Version" to see the details & mile marker locations.

*Course subject to change if conditions change, so we can keep you safe.

Visit Locations/Parking for Start/Finish area map

2019 Map below - 2020 Map will be very similar, and will be available later this summer



We HIGHLY recommend that all runners plan to carry some type of hydration system, whether it’s a handheld bottle or waist belt, so you can hydrate when YOU need to.  


  • 4.6 (Montrose) - Water, Gatorade Endurance & gels, First Aid, Restrooms
  • 6.5 (Montrose) - Water, Gatorade Endurance & gels, First Aid, Restrooms
  • 9.1 (Diversey) - Water, Gatorade Endurance, First Aid, Restrooms (nearby)
  • 11.7 (Diversey) - Water, Gatorade Endurance, First Aid, Restrooms (nearby)
  • 14.3 (Montrose) - Water, Gatorade Endurance & gels, First Aid, Restrooms
  • 16.2 (Montrose) - Water, Gatorade Endurance & gels, First Aid, Restrooms
  • 18.8 (Diversey) - Water, Gatorade Endurance, First Aid, Restrooms (nearby)

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you bring the nutrition products (gels, chews, fruit, etc.) that you plan to use on race day.  Our coaches will have a small supply of emergency product, but you should NOT plan to use this as your primary source of nutrition for the run.

Pace Groups: Our Pace Leaders will stop briefly at each aid station, then regroup approx. 25 yards past the station before restarting.  Pace groups will NOT wait for athletes needing to use the restroom.

Aligned Modern Health at Aid Stations

As an added benefit, we'll also have the assistance from the specialists from Aligned Modern Health at our Aid Stations!  They'll be able to assist with any aches/pains that occur during the run and help with minor first aid issues that come up.  


The CES Long Run course will be supported through 12 p.m. (noon). This equates to a 16:30 minute/mile pace from the 6:30am start.  This allows us to provide the most support possible to ALL of our athletes.  (Note: The required pace to meet the cutoff for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon is a 14:53 minute/mile.)

For your safety, we will have two cutoff times, in order to insure proper support along the path.  The key thing to remember is that this is still a TRAINING RUN - NOT a race, and it’s more important that you finish the run safely, so that you can recover properly and begin your taper and show up at the marathon as healthy as possible.  

  • Montrose Aid Station (Mile 14): 10:25am 
  • Foster Turnaround (Mile 15): 10:40am


If you need to be transported back to the finish area at any time, for any reason, please let a coach know or stop at one of the Aid Stations.  We will have radios at the Aid Stations and along the course, so we can call for transport.  Please be patience as it may take a while if the transport is in use at the time you ask for help.  

If it is a medical emergency, please call 911 right away!