Strollers / Pets?

For the safety of all runners, participants are NOT allowed to participate with baby joggers, strollers or animals. 


For your safety and the safety of others on the path, we request that you don’t use headphones at all during the run.  If you absolutely MUST, we expect that you will keep the left earphone OUT, so you can be aware of your surroundings, and hear warnings from your fellow runners & other users on the path. Thank you for keeping yourself and others safe on the path!

Is this a timed event?

This is a training run, not a race. Runners are not timed and no results are produced.

Where can I pick up my event bib?

Bib pick-up locations, dates and times are posted HERE.

Can a friend pick up my event bib?

Yes, you may have a friend pick up your bib, as long as they have a copy of the registration confirmation email (printed or on phone) of each person they wish to receive a bib for. 

Can I give my registration and or bib number to another person?

You may NOT give (or transfer) your registration to another person and another person may NOT run with another person’s bib/number.

Are Non-CES Marathon Training members allowed to register for this event?

This event is an exclusive, private event for the members of the CES Marathon Training team and our Official partners (including Fleet Feet Racing Team and our awesome Charity Partners). The event is not open to the public.

Can my friends or family run with me if they are not registered?

No, unregistered persons may not run with you on the course. 

Are there Pace Leaders available?

Yes!  Visit the PACE TEAM page for more details.

Are there Aid Stations?  What will be available?

Yes!  (See our detailed Aid Station info).  We'll have multiple aid stations along the course.  Each aid station will have Gatorade Endurance, water, first aid, & restrooms (nearby).  We will also have Gatorade Endurance Energy Gels available at several stations.  New for 2019 - Aligned Modern Health will be at each aid station to provide injury consultations/advice throughout the day!

Is there a time limit or cutoff?

The CES Long Run course will be supported through 12 p.m. (noon). This equates to a 16:30 minute/mile pace from the 6:30am start.  This allows us to provide the most support possible to ALL of our athletes.  (Note: The required pace to meet the cutoff for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon is a 14:53 minute/mile.). For more details and cutoff times, CLICK HERE

What if I don’t finish?

If you need to be transported back to the finish area at any time, for any reason, please let a coach know or stop at one of the Aid Stations. We will have radios at the Aid Stations and along the course, so we can call for transport. Please be patient as it may take a while if the transport is in use at the time you ask for help, or if we need to make multiple stops along the way. If there is a medical emergency, please call 911 right away!

What is the event cancellation policy?

CES reserves the right to cancel or to modify the event if deemed necessary to protect the participants, the volunteers, the spectators or the host community or as a result of unforeseen course/venue conflicts. Cancellations out of the direct control of the event will be recognized as unforeseeable acts. Since the staging of the event results in substantial up-front expenses regardless of whether or not the event is completed, cancellation or modification of the event will not result in the refunding of fees or future event credits.

What is the event weather policy?

Safety is our number one priority. If weather threatens our ability to safely run the event we will postpone, if possible, or cancel. We will not run in lightning. If there are weather delays or cancelations up to date information will be posted on our Twitter Weather account and on our website HERE (look for the “Running Programs: Chicago” box).


If you’re interested in helping volunteer, please visit our Volunteer Page for details.  (Volunteer page will be available soon)